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The IV-Tech Institute works with a mission to become the leading academic institution in the world of education. The interest of the institute lies in the field of education by offering different courses. The colleges you choose to define your career. So, it is imperative to remember that you must choose a college with assured key factors. Advanced learning empowers you and helps you in achieving your desired goals. Though there are additional ways to acquire your desired targets, but higher education is the right path for everyone. This college offers all the opportunities to the candidates who wish to shine like a star in the future. The main aim of the IV-TECH INSTITUTE is to meet the ever-growing demand of the state for well-qualified and equipped teachers to impart education to all without the distinction of caste, creed color, and race.


Popular Courses

Automobile Engineering

Automobile Engineer

After students completes their studies in automobile engineering, many vehicles manufacturing, and repairing and servicing companies hire at about 98% rate...
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Computer Hardware

Computer Hardware & Software

The computer industry is made up of businesses involved in developing computer software, designing computer hardware and computer networking infrastructures..
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Nursery & Primary Teacher Training

Primary Teacher Training

Primary Teacher Training courses are taught at many different levels. One can earn a certificate, diploma, bachelor's degree and also a masters degree in Primary Teaching or Elementary Education.
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Beauty and Makeup Artist

Beauty & Culture

Our specialized beauty and makeup certification imparts industry-relevant knowledge expanding on vital aspects such as different makeup types and techniques..
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Office assistant and Computer Operator

Office assistant and Computer Operator

The Communicative Approach is an idea that to learn English successfully, you have to communicate in the language, in meaningful situations..
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English Communication & Personality Development

Personality Development

Personal development Specializations and courses teach strategies and frameworks for personal growth, goal setting, and self improvement.
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PTT courses are taught at many different levels. Candidates can pursue a certificate, diploma, bachelor's degree, and also master's degree in Primary Teaching or Elementary Education. Primary teacher training courses are B Ed and MEd at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.
PTT Counselor
The automobile engineer scope is vast, one can work in service stations, automobile manufacturing industries, private companies, state or government transport production plants etc.
Sanjeev Kumar
Faculty Of Automobile Engineering Department
The automobile gave people more personal freedom and access to jobs and services. It led to development of better roads and transportation. Industries and new jobs developed to supply the demand for automobile parts and fuel.
Counselor PTT Department
Primary Teacher Training is a two-year's regular diploma that gives the eligibility to a candidate to teach from nursery to primary session in any school. After successfully completing of Senior Secondary Examination (12th) you can apply for this Prog.
Japneet Kaur
Counselor PTT Faculty