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IV-Tech institute works with a mission to build lifelong learners with skills, We tried to offer all the opportunities to the candidates who wish to shine like a star in the future. The main aim of IV-TECH INSTITUTE is to meet the ever-growing demand and industry needs of well-qualified and equipped with all skilled manpower as per industry needs.
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Faculty of Automobile Engineering

The automobile engineer scope is vast, one can work in service stations, automobile manufacturing industries, private companies, state or government transport production plants etc.

Faculty of Computer and automobile Department

The computer industry is made up of businesses involved in developing computer software, designing computer hardware and computer networking infrastructures, manufacturing computer components and providing information technology services, including system administration and maintenance.

Faculty of Teacher Training department

Primary Teacher Training is a two year's regular diploma which gives the eligibility to a candidate to teach from nursery to primary session in any school. After successfully completion of Senior Secondary Examination (12th) you can apply for this Prog.. Responsibility of Primary Teacher is much higher then a Nursery Teacher thats why we trained them through our succesfully developed training methodology where we cover Nursery & Primary training both. While in NTT section a teacher helps students to develop their mental, physical & social Growth, in Primary section they help them to upgrade their Academic Growth as well along with other factors.. The primary teacher plays a very vital Role to develop the foundation of any child as far as their educational growth is concerned. Need of Nursery & Primary teacher is increasing all over the world. So if you want to become Teacher after 12th, NPTT course is the best opportunity to get placed in school.