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After students completes their studies in automobile engineering, many vehicles manufacturing, and repairing and servicing companies hire at about 98% rate. The placements in this course are excellent and one can find a lot of growth opportunities in this sector.


Primary Teacher Training(PTT)

Primary Teacher Training is a two year's regular diploma that gives the eligibility to a candidate to teach from nursery to primary session in any school. After successfully completion of Senior Secondary Examination (12th) you can apply for this Prog.. Responsibility of Primary Teacher is much higher then a Nursery Teacher thats why we trained them through our succesfully developed training methodology where we cover Nursery & Primary training both.

Nursery Teacher Training

Nursery Teachers Training Course(NTT)

NTT is a diploma course for teachers who want to teach and cater to the students at nursery level or pre-primary level. This teacher workforce has to undergo the training of the general NTT course where the teacher joins the workforce of several other preschool teachers. The NTT course helps the students who aim to be preschool teachers in order to facilitate the young minds of nursery children


Beauty & Culture

Our specialized beauty and makeup certification imparts industry-relevant knowledge expanding on vital aspects such as different makeup types and techniques such as airbrush makeup, hair styling, and so on. You will also learn about face shapes and characteristics, skincare & hygiene, different brush types & makeup products, etc. The beautician course also provides knowledge about makeup for fashion photoshoots, ramp walks, etc. This course also includes : -Understanding the culture of the fashion and film industry and its operations -Understanding the work of a stylist and a makeup artist -Learning to do makeup, keeping in mind the age, skin type, and occasion -Learning hairstyling and styling for males, females, and kids -Learning to do makeup for occasions like weddings, fashion shows, plays, etc. -Learning the aspects of fashion styling as per different looks and occasions


Spoken English Classes

Our face-to-face Spoken English course is designed to help you achieve a natural speaking style, as well as gain confidence in speaking English. With our Spoken English modules, you will talk, practice and improve your pronunciation and intonation.